So here it goes…

Here I am, stereotypically writing in a Starbucks. My thoughts circling through my brain as the Adderall XR kicks in. It helps, let me tell you, in addition to Zoloft. I’d always thought that anti-depressants would never play a role in my life. However, after all of these years, from age four to now (yes, I can remember that far back), I can honestly remember thinking and feeling that the racing thoughts, the constant need to keep going and wanting to finishing people sentences and persistent anxiety was just a fluke. Little did I know that at 31 years old it was ADHD this entire time.

I must say that seeking help was not the easiest task. It wasn’t until I noticed how my temper and moods would fluctuate and I started doing word finds to see how quickly I could complete them that I figured something was wrong. Also, it didn’t help that on a mini-vacation with friends, I yelled at one of my best friends for clipping his toe nails and leaving the clippings all over the floor in the middle of our hotel room. Of course I felt horrible for yelling, but to be fair, he could have clipped them over the tub. But that’s neither here nor there.

While the focus of this blog is to bring awareness to mental health, life, heartbreak and every other ridiculously random thing I do in my life. The use of this platform is to provide and stimulate creative thought, in addition to serve as a therapeutic release and understanding of the absolute, very true story of Patrick Sanchez.

I don’t mean to offend, some of the posts may be shocking, too much information, inappropriate to discuss/view at work (I can assure you there will be no disturbing or explicit photos; it’ll be strictly language) and in some cases frustrating. It’s life, and this particular story is mine, so here it goes…

Patty ❤



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